My approach


Banc de parc


My approach as an artist, is above all a kind of pilgrimage inside myself. It is a way of discovery and reflection of my own physical and spiritual limitations.

Looking at a calm and cloudy sky, I can be inspired by the composition , but wonder if l would be able to reproduce on canvas the emotion .that I feel.

If I capture the essence, fine! otherwise what can l do to express what l really feel. This is the problem. Will, I be satisfied to say, that this painting is beatifull or should I use other means to solve this pictural and emotional problem.

All this questions steaming from a visual problematic brings along an approach. This approach represents the sensitivity of the artist and a way of dealing with the subject matter, to create an art form that essentially recreats the mood of the scene.

This is the difficulty, I have to master.

My approach is essentially to work with my limitations and my pictorial resolution.



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