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Born in St-Hubert, Sylvain Gagnon did his studies in Québec. His interest in visual art took form and brought him to start in 1989.


My paintings
depend on my emotion and spontaneity. My style is impressionism.to paint social scenes, sceneries are appreciated by a large and divers public.

Lighting effects using on transparency and color, reflects my research for constant perfection. A pictorial quality, and a sure value.

Pause vino

A fondness for picturesque sites alongside the water, the quiet views of villages and the cities of the Monteregie and Gaspe region. The passion for the outdoors, the country site and the aspects of urbain life, constitute my true support of my brush stroke.

Animated and joyous scenes calls for a light touch, rapid stroke that fixes themes on my canvas. Once the composition is outlined or drawn , the themes are done at my studio, using overlaping strokes..that are distinct.


The base of the canvas is painted ochre or blue.

My palette made up of bright colors, mix with a pure medium and without synthetic. Knife or paint-brushes become my working tools.

On a closer look, the completed canvas appears to be chaotic. lt can be retouched at a distance, giving the illusion of an instant view..from a scene. But the viewer has to see the painting from a distance, to understand it background without having to define the vanishing points.


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